Other Service



According to the product appearance
or functionality required by the
customer, the discussion later
painted a 2D or 3D sketch

Mold Development

According to the customer to provide product 3d map, after the evaluation and analysis of the feasibility of the completion of mold development

Injection Molding 

Our factory has 150t~1800t all kinds of injection molding machine to provide a variety of raw materials (abs, pp, pc, nylon material ...) injection molding processing services

Stamping of Iron Parts

Our factory provides a variety of metal chassis, panels, parts, brackets, iron barrel processing forming, as well as iron and aluminum mesh processing forming

Spray Diagram(Plastic Oil Injection)

Factory to provide plastic material incoming spraying, screen printing processing services

Grilled Paint(Powder, Liquid)

Factory to provide metal materials (iron/aluminum mesh, iron basin, metal bracket ...) Incoming Paint Processing Service


Our factory provides sound control, loudspeaker, amplifier, speaker finished products or semi-finished processing services

Transformer Assembly

Factory specializing in the production of various power and various specifications of audio transformers, or according to customer requirements for proofing services
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